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May Britton was born in Honolulu and raised in Arlington, Virginia.  Before becoming a full-time artist, she was a construction company marketing director.  Since 2000, her figurative and abstract sculptures and installations have exhibited publicly and collected privately in the US and abroad.  Through the years, she has taught university sculpture and three-dimensional design courses, and art classes to young children.



Exploring the qualities of form and material, my goal is to present a visual balance of elements.  Mirroring the rhythm that occurs so prevalently in natural systems of order, this balance has become ingrained in our subconscious and reflective of our identity.  Art and nature are processes that memorialize what we experience and who we are.   The art that I create, expresses visually what cannot be explicitly said.


Stephane Mallarme:  “To name an object, is to deprive the public of three-quarters of its pleasure.  The identity of objects should be revealed gradually…To suggest—that should be the poet’s dream.”



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